January 24, 2023

Audio Forensics – What is it?

Audio Forensics is the process of examining an audio file to determine its contents. This can include identifying the type of audio file, the date and time it was created, […]
January 24, 2023

DVR Examination and Recovery in Digital Forensics

Video evidence can be a powerful tool in a court case, as it can provide a clear and objective record of events. This can be especially useful in cases where […]
December 18, 2022

How DSTIKE watches are disrupting Ring Doorbell cameras and other Wi-Fi networked devices

Written by: Jade Thuo Recently we have seen a spike in sales for the DSTIKE watch and although some may be using it for legitimate research purposes, we fear that […]
November 30, 2022

Social Media Discovery: Visualizing an Individual’s Online Footprint

Digital Forensic Experts at Garrett Discovery have the ability to fully investigate an individual’s public online presence using sophisticated forensic tools. These tools have the ability to go beyond what […]
November 9, 2022

Hospitals are Violating Federal Law by Blocking the Release of a Child’s Full Medical Records

Parents are entitled to their child’s electronic medical records (EMR) as long as their parental rights have not been terminated. This right was established by the Health Insurance Portability and […]
August 8, 2022

Cell Phone Forensic Images Are Not All the Same

Cell Phone Forensic Images Are Not All the Same Did you know there are multiple types of forensic images ranging from a little amount of data to all data? Do […]