Computer Forensics

We are experts at analyzing and reporting on computers, and have examined over 3,000 computers, along with over 423 expert reports completed. Whether it is analyzing the web history, peer to peer history, USB device usage, downloads, pictures, or proving/disproving intellectual property theft, we have experience and expertise.

Criminal Defense Forensics

Our experts have testified in over 100 criminal defense matters. As forensics experts, we review evidence in the presence of law enforcement, and have performed analysis of computers at F.B.I., D.E.A., local, state, and tribal law enforcement facilities. We often review search warrants, witness statements, indictments, police reports, and government forensic reports. Moreover, our reports sometimes expose false narratives created by law enforcement. Unfortunately, we live in a world that expects law enforcement to have all the answers, but we find that the lack of training and expertise, as well as political pressure results in inaccurate reports. Our process is to review the digital data, then write an expert report with facts of the matter. Often our reports are used in Franks motions, motions in limine, or Daubert and Frye motions.

A majority of the cases we have worked, have ended with the prosecution offering a reduced plea, or in many cases, a dismissal or change from a felony to a misdemeanor plea offer.

Peer-to-Peer Forensics

You will be hard-pressed to find experts who have more experience in analyzing cases involving peer-to-peer law enforcement techniques and tools. We are experts at Torrential Downpour Receptor, Roundup Ares, Roundup eMule, E2P2, ICAC Deconfliction Site, ICAC Training, and Network Investigative Technique cases.

Child Pornography Defense Cases

In any case, it is not our duty to defend; we analyze evidence and advise our clients as to what the truth is. We are experts in cases involving child sex crimes. We have testified in many trials and written over 100 reports. There are very few experts in the U.S. who have as much experience as we do in child pornography cases. Our experts have an understanding of peer-to-peer software (see left), Child Protective Services (CPS), TLO, ICAC procedures, prosecution methods, laws, defenses, and motion practice.

Computer Fraud and Abuse Act Cases

Our experts have worked on many Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) cases where we consulted and testified on behalf of the defendant. In addition, we have advised our law firm clients as to the actions taken by their client in a non-technical manner.

Civil Forensics

Garrett Discovery uses computer, tablet, and mobile device forensics in civil cases to prove your case. Whether you’re the plaintiff or defendants it does not matter, the data tells the truth. Garrett Discovery works with victims and defendants being accused of intellectual property theft or misappropriation of trade secrets. Moreover, we have testified in numerous spoliation hearings and have written dozens of reports on this matter.