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The Garrett Discovery Team is exceptional and the best forensics discovery team I have seen in my entire legal career. In several cases, they were able to prove spoliation and find documents that had not been produced through the course of ESI discovery by the other side, and changed the nature of the case. They also were beyond helpful in consulting on ESI to ensure that documents were discovered and produced by the other side. They even searched documents for us when our staff limitations could not handle the production by the other side. We cannot say enough about the outstanding and professional services of Garrett Discovery.

Garrett Discovery doesn’t nickle and dime you. I had some straightforward questions about computer imaging. In a few minutes they were able to answer them, provide me a model motion to force the other side to produce the information, and provided quick strategic advice–all without asking for a fee. I’ll definitely use Garrett Discovery when the hard work starts.
Garrett Discovery is outstanding. I have recommended them to many lawyers seeking for expert help on their criminal and civil matters.

Garrett Discovery are recognized leaders and innovators in their field. I have called upon their services on multiple high stakes matters and I am constantly amazed at their insight, skill, and knowledge. Beyond the extraordinary technical skills they possess, Andrew and Garrett Discovery truly understand litigation at a granular level and are able to anticipate our needs and challenges. I cannot say enough how they have come through for us time and again. I recommend them without hesitation.

Our Firm has retained and work with Garrett Discovery for multiple matters. They are always professional, responsive and extremely helpful. We have used Garrett Discovery for electronic discovery, background discovery, informal discovery and searches, and consulting on case and discovery strategy. Their work product is top-shelf and has helped our clients with complex litigation matters. We highly recommend Garrett Discovery and also Andrew Garrett the Company’s Principal.

In the past two decades our firm has worked with many forensics experts. When we were introduced to Garrett Discovery experts we were skeptical. They have worked for our firm on many matters for the last seven years and we would not use anyone else. They have changed the outcome of many cases causing the settlements to raise by over thirty percent. Their experts have a firm understanding of law and have an unsurpassed reputation with the court.

 I worked with Garrett Discovery on a complex criminal case, and Garrett Discovery and their team was fantastic. I have recommended Garrett Discovery to multiple attorneys and will continue to do so.

Amazing Forensics Experts! Garrett Discovery’s experience and work ethic is above all others. Highly recommend Garrett Discovery and their team. 


Dana Kurtz

CEO of Blue Skies Beach Resort, Ltd.

The Garrett Discovery experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this industry that is unparalleled. Their ability to find the smoking gun hidden in voluminous mountains of data is nothing short of amazing. Garrett Discovery’s expertise will bring a swift and favorable result to your cases.

Garrett Discovery are heroes for our business. When we believed a prior employee was stealing secrets and selling them to a foreign nation. Garrett Discovery got involved to protect our business, our team, and our intellectual property while we prepared for legal action. They worked closely with our legal team to ensure we weren’t exposed.

Garrett Discovery are a polished data science company. When asked to support the highly successful annual Cyber Security Conference at the University of Illinois at Springfield. Garrett Discovery was quick to lend their time, talent and tresures.

Garrett Discovery and their team are a cut above the rest. Professional, Accurate, Timely and Knowledgeable. Their skill set is Superior and yields accurate specific results. I have worked with Garrett Discovery on a few high profile cases and each and every time their services proved to be vital to building a strong defense. I cannot recommend his serviced more highly. 

I have a long history of association with Garrett Discovery, in business and in personal relations. I appreciate them and their abilities which are unparalleled in their field. If looking or in need of assistance to protect or identify information, Garrett Discovery can assist. They are incredible and as smart an ingenious as they come. 

Garrett Discovery is an energizer bunny. Their expertise, energy, upbeat experts and style are assets everyone can benefit from. Highly Recommended.


Jared Stern

CEO at Prudential Associates, Digital Forensics Examiner

Even though I only interned under Garrett Discovery for a few short months, I learned a lot under their leadership. They were able to provide real, hands-on experience in their lab while also explaining very advanced concepts at a level of which I could easily understand without missing our on important, highly technical concepts as well. Their knowledge and expertise far exceed anyone I have met in the field and I would highly recommend him for any case. 

The Garrett Discovery team is excellent to work with. They take the time to explain complex matters in very simple terms. Moreover, they are very responsive when you have questions. I’ve worked with Garrett Discovery for over five years now and will continue to do so.

“I met with Garrett Discovery at an NACDL Sex Crimes seminar in Las Vegas last fall. At the time I was preparing a sex case for a trial involving three young girls as accusers and possession of child pornography counts which would all be tried together. After a brief conversation with their experts, I realized my client would benefit greatly from Garrett Discovery joining the defense team. Turns out I had no idea how much my client and I would both benefit from the help of the Garrett Discovery experts. Their joining our defense team truly made the difference and gave the client the very best possible outcome in the trial. I will never handle a case of this nature in the future without Garrett Discovery.”

Eric Johnson

Eric G. Johnson

Attorney at Eric G. Johnson Law

The Garrett Discovery experts bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to this industry that is unparalleled. Their ability to find the smoking gun hidden in voluminous mountains of data is nothing short of amazing. Garrett Discovery’s expertise will bring a swift and favorable result to your cases.

The Garrett Discovery team is an invaluable resource for my law firm and our clients. The experts are always on top of advancements in information technology. They are excellent communicators and can make the most highly technical matters understandable for everyone. As more and more information and data is captured electronically, the Garrett Discovery team has become an indispensable tool in our litigation arsenal.

The Garrett Discovery team has done some great work for me and my clients. I highly recommend their services and expertise. In today’s digital world you need someone who can get the truth (or tell you definitively it doesn’t exist). Our cell phones and computers are moment by moment stenographers of our lives – need to know what a particular person was doing, thinking or saying? The Garrett Discovery experts are your key to that invaluable information.

The Garrett Discovery team is dedicated and are ready, willing, and able to assist with challenging e-discovery matters that arise in litigation. I have worked with Garrett Discovery on multiple matters. The experts are very accessible and bring to the table a capacity to handle time-sensitive tasks, as well as a demonstrated understanding for how the e-discovery task at hand fits into the litigation on the whole.

The Garrett Discovery experts do solid forensics work and keep prosecutors and law enforcement honest. If you need a solid job done, Garrett Discovery will get it done for you.

Are you trying to recover data from a digital device? Do you hold the evidence that could be the key to your case, but not sure how to read it? The Garrett Discovery experts are a team of highly skilled professionals that are ready and willing to assist. Plus, Garrett Discovery is dedicated to finding the truth and focusing on the data, no matter where it takes them. No bias, no agenda. Just pure honest investigation and explanation. I admire their integrity and pursuit of the truth, and learn from Garrett Discovery with every interaction.

Having not only met the experts at Garrett Discovery, but also knowing common professionals in the digital forensics field, I attest to their professionalism and knowledge. Having been in this field since the mid 1990’s I am truly impressed with their knowledge and dedication to Garrett Discovery clients.

When we have called on the Garrett Discovery team, they have always been very responsive and have helped us understand some of the absolute nonsense we hear from our litigation opponents from time to time re: electronic medical records. My best wishes to the Garrett Discovery experts!

President at Pfaff, Gill & Ports, Ltd

Garrett Discovery simplified a complicated litigation-related issue, overnight. The experts were not only knowledgeable and reasonable but also very friendly. I will not hesitate to work with him again.

Heller & Richmond, Ltd.

Garrett Discovery was instrumental in our case, by recovering vital evidence from the defendants server that had only a 30- 60 day retention policy. They are well versed in the Federal rules and case law regarding electronic evidence and spoliation. Garrett Discovery’s work was key to our success in negotiating a multi-million dollar settlement for our client.

Digital evidence is everywhere and expanding by the minute, while the law struggles to keep up. Experienced forensics investigators like those at Garrett Discovery are critical for discovering, understanding and developing the evidence people need. When I have questions about digital evidence or forensics, I go to Garrett Discovery.​​

Garrett Discovery has provided exemplary services to my clients. They are extremely knowledgeable in the industry and have a business plan that makes their team directly accessible to clients. Their response time is impressive and their results are excellent. Without reservation, I would recommend the Garrett Discovery experts. You won’t be disappointed.

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Michelle Mosby-Scott

Attorney & Managing Partner at Allison & Mosby-Scott

The Garrett Discovery experts are one of my go-to forensics experts I use in my law firm copyright infringement defense practice. Our clients often deal with federal court lawsuits from coast to coast alleging computer-based copyright infringement involving the use of Bit-Torrent peer-to-peer technology. The evidence in these cases can be complex, and accusations against innocent clients may be based upon faulty data. Choosing a competent computer forensics consultant is an extremely important choice to make. My law firm has consulted with Garrett Discovery numerous times over the past number of years, and based on our experiences with them I would not hesitate to recommend a future client consult to Garrett Discovery for their litigation computer forensics consultation defense needs.

The team at Garrett Discovery are great! Their knowledge on the topics of Computer Forensics and eDiscovery are at the top levels of the industry. We have worked together on several projects and all have been successful for both of our firms.

I’ve known and worked with the Garrett Discovery team in various capacities over about a decade. It boils down to this: If you want (what will feel like) an unfair advantage, get Garrett Discovery. They are an absolute “ringer” – Technical skills? Legal knowledge? Management skills? Overall business acumen? Connections to the best resources? Like I said, it’ll feel unfair. The experts are brilliant, innovative, and driven and when it comes to the technical needs, they have an absolute arsenal of cutting edge equipment their disposal.

The Garrett Discovery team are heroes for our business. When we believed a prior employee was stealing secrets and selling them to a foreign nation, the experts got involved to protect our business, our team, and our intellectual property while we prepared for legal action. Garrett Discovery worked closely with our legal team to ensure we weren’t exposed.


Prescott Paulin

Managing Director at Mayday Alarm & President at 300 Below, Inc.

Garrett Discovery is exceptional. I have utilized their services to analyze a computer for potentially fraudulent manipulation and, most recently, to analyze surveillance videos and render an expert opinion as to the source of what our firm believed to be gunfire. They are extremely professional, and fantastic expert witnesses. I highly recommend Garrett Discovery.

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Blaire C. Dalton

Criminal Defense Attorney

The depth and breadth of materials that Garrett Discovery was able to obtain in a legal and ethical way is mind-blowing. Scary really.

Thomas M. Paris Attorney at Law

Garrett Discovery provides far more than just forensics services, they equip you with the resources and education that you need to tackle the issue at hand. Garrett Discovery has spent hours helping me and my team understand a patient’s right to audit trails and how that translates in a legal setting. I have worked with Garrett Discovery on two of my cases and will only work with this firm in the future.

David A. Axelrod & Associates, P.C.

It has been my pleasure to work with Andrew and his staff on several occasions. It was critical for my clients’ defense that we have expert assistance in analyzing and investigating all digital sources relevant to our cases. the role played by Garrett Discovery in this regard was essential in allowing us to obtain very favorable outcomes for our clients. I highly recommend them if you are in need of such assistance!