DVR Examinations and Recovery

DVRs often hold critical information that can assist you in proving your case. There are over 5,000 DVR manufacturers. What’s more, even within the same manufacturer they often switch operation system and file structures. This makes it difficult to extract video using the manufacturer’s software.

We are experts in DVR examinations and recovery. Garrett Discovery has profiles built for over 3,500 DVRs and has the ability to extract the video directly from the internal hard drive. Therefore, we are able to bypass the manufacturer’s common process of downgrading video. This ensures that you get the best quality video possible.

DVR Examinations & Recovery

Unfortunately, manufacturers often change chipsets, firmware, and other components within the same model number, so there is no way to guarantee recovery. We only work on DVRs that have a hard drive, and about 95% of those are able to be recovered.  

Garrett Discovery is a digital forensics lab, and upon request can provide a certification of extraction and file inventory at no cost.

No, we extract the videos in a high-quality format that is playable using most common players. In addition, we include a copy of VLC Player for MAC and Windows on the portable hard drive.

If the file has been overwritten, it can’t be recovered. Otherwise, we will provide it to you. All videos, regardless of location or size, are extracted. In a typical DVR, this is hundreds to thousands of videos.

We ship all videos on a portable USB 3.0 hard drive, along with a video player that can be plugged into a Windows or MAC to view.