Being specialized in Information technology, we strive to serve you with our Forensic Services that are tailored to your requirements.


Currently the eDiscovery industry has created a situation where law firms are incentivized to build their own eDiscovery practice in order to bill for document review.

Computer Forensics

We are experts at analyzing and reporting on Computers and have examined over 3000 computers and have written over 423 expert reports.

Mobile Phone Forensics

Some forensic firms will promise that they can recover every deleted text message and photo. This simply is not possible.

Tablet Forensics

Extracting data from tablets is difficult without the right set of tools or the right team of experts.

Medical Records &
Audit Trails

Most medical record systems have robust auditing systems and access logs not easily accessible.

Social Media Collections

Social Media evidence is a new and rapidly emerging frontier in digital forensics. The trail of digital information on social media is expansive.

Jury Selection Services

At Garrett Discovery we provide Jury Panel selection services by scouring the social media of the jurors and marrying that information.

Cellular GPS and Call Analysis

It is common that prosecutors use Call Detail Records in attempting to provide a historical look into the movements of a cell phone.

Audio Forensics

Audio forensic evidence may come from a criminal investigation by law enforcement or as part of an official inquiry into an accident.

Forensic Audio Transcription

A forensic audio transcription is a complete and accurate documentation of the words spoken in an evidence recording.

video camera

Video Forensics

Forensic video analysis is the scientific examination, comparison, and/or evaluation of video in legal matters.

DVR Examinations and Recovery

DVR’s often hold critical information that can assist you in proving your case. There are over 5,000 DVR manufacturers.

Digital Image

Digital Image Authentication is essential to determining whether the evidence presented is authentic or has been altered in some way.

Forensic Image Comparison

Forensic Image Comparison is the process of comparing objects or people when at least one variable is captured in imagery.


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