Cellular GPS and Call Analysis

Call Detail Records

It is common that prosecutors use call detail records in attempting to provide a historical look into the movements of a cell phone. As well as, to state that these records can pinpoint an exact location. However, we have written many reports ultimately debunking the bad science of using call detail records to pinpoint an exact location. This science isn’t sound, and we can help you with the proper data to prove the whereabouts of your client.

GPS Data from Google

When location services are on, Google captures the location of a cellular phone. In addition, this information is stored in databases at Google. It can either be extracted using your client’s login information or by a subpoena to Google. Using sophisticated mapping tools, we can plot a historical view of a cellular phone. This data can be crucial in proving the whereabouts of your client.

Cell Phone Extraction

Using industry-standard tools, we are able to extract data from a mobile phone. In this case, the location data, which then can be plotted on a map. A historical view of the location data extracted can provide the whereabouts of your client.