About Garrett Discovery

Garrett Discovery Inc. started in 2007, right after the birth of modern day eDiscovery. Furthermore, Garrett Discovery is not a company birthed from a repair service, IT consulting shop, an additional revenue stream spin off of a large legal firm, or as part of a large organizations way of funding their own investigation division. We only work on pre litigation or litigation cases and serve as either consultants or experts.  All of our Computer Forensics experts have years of experience and have testified in multiple state, federal and tribunal courts. 

We only work on matters of the court, and have some of the leading experts in the field whom have testified in over nine states. In matters involving computer forensics, servers, mobile phones, audio files, IOT devices, video files and GPS records. Therefore, our focus is to do right by our customers, by providing an unbiased view of the evidence.

Garrett Discovery has more tools and equipment than the F.B.I.’s largest forensic lab in the Midwest. We only bill for the hours an analyst or expert is interacting with the evidence, and in turn results in a large cost saving for your client.


Executive Leadership

CEO Andrew Garrett

Andrew Garrett

Chief Executive Officer

eDiscovery / Computer/ Mobile / Video / Audio Expert

Andy embarked on a journey almost a decade ago to learn Computer Forensics. At the time, he had worked in the U.S. Navy, attached to various commands, such as the Naval Research Lab at NASA and Space and Warfare as a Penetration Tester. He cracked open a few books, and from there he knew he wanted to learn more about forensics. Years later, he found himself as the principal of the largest eDiscovery installation in the world (until 2014), and had processed over 1,000 cases and testified in over 145. Now he provides services around the globe and loves to help others in complex litigation.

Megan Roberts

General Manager

Megan Roberts is the General Manager and has a vast background in management. She previously managed a munitions factory and is a master at all things management. She often assists clients in understanding the forensic process as well and manages the schedules of more than twenty five people on a daily basis.


Brian Bowman

Midwest Lab DirectOR
forensic expert

Brian joined our team in 2017 and has a background in IT management and forensics.  He is responsible for the Midwest Lab that houses more equipment than the FBI Forensics lab in Chicago. He not only works on cases, but he manages the software and infrastructure for many analysts.

VP of Operations, Danielle Garrett

Danielle Garrett


Danielle’s background is in managing technology, people’s money, and investments as she came from the financial sector. She put together a team of experts from around the globe to address the ever-expanding need for Computer Forensics and eDiscovery. Her vision was to create a team of professionals that were both affordable for small cases and qualified to handle complex and large litigation. It took over six years to complete her vision, but now the business has the capability, staff, and experience to handle almost any situation and prevail under budget. Coffee is her friend!

Darrin Harris

Darrin Blaine

Chief Legal Officer

Darrin is a graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and of Harvard Law School.  As a U.S. Air Force Officer, Darrin negotiated and managed Department of Defense contracts on various weapons and communication programs.  As an intellectual property attorney, Darrin has over 25+ years of managing and executing intellectual property prosecution, litigation and licensing for various clients in the mechanical, computer, electronic, telecommunications, laser and medical industries.

Greg McKoy, VP of Cybersecurity

Greg Mckoy


Cybersecurity Expert

Greg spent over a decade protecting the nation’s secrets and testing other’s systems at Space and Warfare while working for Honeywell. He has worked for several of the alphabet agencies, doing the secret work of the nation. He has spent a lot of time teaching others Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessments. Greg went to college, got a degree, got security clearance, bought a bunch of fancy certifications, and now is using his vast knowledge to help others protect themselves. He loves being able to figure out what happened on a network or post intrusion.

Jansen Finished

Jansen Bernuy

Marketing Director

Jansen Bernuy graduated with a Digital Marketing Bachelor’s Degree from Colorado State University in 2019. With multiple years of Digital Marketing experience in different areas such as Graphic Design, Web Development, Ad Campaign strategies as well as SEO, Content Management, and Content Creation. He is a creative individual with a passion for learning and problem-solving. He enjoys partaking in the elevation of brands and businesses in the Digital Marketing world.

Jack Yager

Case Coordinator

Jack Yager is the case coordinator whom works with clients to make sure they understand the process of working with digital forensic experts and coordinates discovery and meetings. Jack has a vast set of technology skills that assist him in the coordination of cases.

Varun Dubey

web designer

Varun Dubey is a web designer with over 11 years of experience. As a owner of Wbcom Designs he is specialized in developing custom web solutions for small Businesses.

Anthony Nelson

Audio and Video Forensic Expert

Anthony Nelson holds a Masters Degree in Media Forensics from the University of Colorado. He previously worked for the University of Colorado Denver’s MediFor program. This program was aimed at aiding and testing Defense Advanced Research Agencies (DARPA) media authentication software. His work was highlighted on TV involving authentication of video evidence for news agencies. 


Jade Thuo


Jade is known around the world. He made news when was the first person to break the SS7 encryption that protects the Mobile Phone networks. He manages a team of expert coders and cryptologists whom test clients networks, software and assist in accessing locked files.

Jacob Rodjenski

Digital Forensic Expert

Jacob Rodjenski holds a Bachelor Degree from Champlain College, one of the most prestigious colleges for Digital Forensics in the nation. As a graduate, his skill sets involving forensics are unsurpassed.  He has a passion for forensics and law and can analyze about any digital device given to him for relevant data.