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The Garrett Discovery Team is exceptional and the best forensic discovery team I have seen in my entire legal career. In several cases, they were able to prove spoliation and find documents that had not been produced through the course of ESI discovery by the other side, and changed the nature of the case. They also were beyond helpful in consulting on ESI to ensure that documents were discovered and produced by the other side. They even searched documents for us when our staff limitations could not handle the production by the other side. We cannot say enough about the outstanding and professional services of Garrett Discovery.

Garrett Discovery is outstanding. I have recommended them to many lawyers seeking for expert help on their criminal and civil matters.
I operate an audio, video and image forensics firm as a technician as well as an expert witness. I have been working with the team at Garrett Discovery for many years now. Garrett Discovery has some of the most skilled and experienced experts in the field of digital, mobile and computer forensics in the world. I recommend Garrett Discovery to all my clients that need specialized services, as well as work together on cases with them. What makes Garrett Discovery stand out from the rest is their experience as well as their willingness to drop what they are doing to assist with an investigation. I cannot remember a time when I needed help on an investigation and Garrett Discovery wasn’t able to get me unstuck. They have successfully assisted on multiple cases of mine including areas in mobile forensics, data recovery, computer forensic analysis as well as legal consulting. If someone were considering Garrett Discovery for their digital forensic investigation needs, I would say look no further. You will not find anyone better qualified to complete the investigation quickly and effectively.
Garrett Discovery doesn’t nickle and dime you. I had some straightforward questions about computer imaging. In a few minutes they were able to answer them, provide me a model motion to force the other side to produce the information, and provided quick strategic advice–all without asking for a fee. I’ll definitely use Garrett Discovery when the hard work starts.
In the past two decades our firm has worked with many forensic experts. When we were introduced to Garrett Discovery experts we were skeptical. They have worked for our firm on many matters for the last seven years and we would not use anyone else. They have changed the outcome of many cases causing the settlements to raise by over thirty percent. Their experts have a firm understanding of law and have an unsurpassed reputation with the court.

The Garrett Discovery team is excellent to work with. They take the time to explain complex matters in very simple terms. Moreover, they are very responsive when you have questions. I’ve worked with Garrett Discovery for over five years now and will continue to do so.

Digital evidence is everywhere and expanding by the minute, while the law struggles to keep up. Experienced forensic investigators like those at Garrett Discovery are critical for discovering, understanding and developing the evidence people need. When I have questions about digital evidence or forensics, I go to Garrett Discovery.​​

Garrett Discovery was instrumental in our case, by recovering vital evidence from the defendants server that had only a 30- 60 day retention policy. They are well versed in the Federal rules and case law regarding electronic evidence and spoliation. Garrett Discovery’s work was key to our success in negotiating a multi-million dollar settlement for our client.