ediscovery forensics solution

Currently, the eDiscovery industry has created a situation where law firms want to build their own eDiscovery practice so they can bill for document review. This process results in problems, such as inefficiencies, as well as a costly per gigabyte model.

Garrett Discovery experts have over a decade of experience in eDiscovery. Additionally, they managed the largest eDiscovery practice in the nation until 2014. Our experts have also served on eDiscovery working groups with the Department of Justice.

We have an extensive knowledge of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and state discovery rules and laws. 

We have a philosophy that if you follow the Electronic Discovery Reference Model and search the data, you only load relevant data. Instead of loading a mass amount of data onto leading cloud base review platforms and being subject to a huge bill, we only load in relevant data. This greatly reduces the cost of discovery.

No case is too large or small, and we have the software and online review platforms that will assist in your case

Be wary of firms that try to sell you on a software solution and train you. These firms are interested in having you do the work yourself and charging you for file storage. Additionally, most eDiscovery companies tout their infrastructure and abilities, when in reality they are giving you the stats of the software vendor they use.