Video and Image forensics evidence comes with its fair share of complexity. From video playback difficulties to clarity issues, video forensics evidence takes a wide range of skills to partake in proper analysis. Garrett Discovery specializes in tackling these problems with a scientific approach. Our video forensics expert is equipped with a wide range of skills that allows us to offer a multitude of video forensics enhancement and authentication services.

Video Evidence

Video evidence from business and home surveillance cameras system can be riddled with playback issues. Sometimes issues can arise from a proprietary video playback or the video files are corrupted. By utilizing the knowledge of video codecs and some of the latest video forensics software in the business. We are able to solve these issues and provide you with a playable video file.

Types of Video Evidence we work with


Video Authentication Services

Garrett’s Discovery is onboard with some of the most advanced authentication techniques. Video evidence is ingested into a set of rigorous tests to determine the validity of the video evidence in question. Our video forensics expert utilizes a scientific approach to determine if a video recording has been altered or is authentic. Once the data from the digital evidence is analyzed our expert is able to determine.

Video/Image Authentication Processes offered

Enhancement Services

Our enhancement process utilizes a non-destructive approach to help clarify the video/image quality. We provide an enhanced copy of the original video along with enhanced demonstrative exhibits of the events.
Image shows courtroom with screens for info to be shown.


A video forensics expert has the scientific knowledge, training, and expertise necessary to enhance and authenticate video recordings to be used in court. Additionally, an expert witness should have previous courtroom experience testifying. Ultimately, their duty is to help the trier of fact, whether judge or jury, understand the video evidence that is presented.

It is the experts duty to provide a thorough documentation of retrieval. The courts must know exactly how the recording and/or video was retrieved, as to prove that it was not retrieved under false pretenses or inaccurately.