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Computer Forensics

Whether it is analyzing the web history, peer to peer history, USB device usage, downloads, pictures, or proving/disproving intellectual property theft, we have experience and expertise.


Our experts have over a decade of experience in eDiscovery, managed the largest eDiscovery practice in the nation until 2014 for the Department of Defense, and served on eDiscovery working groups with the Department of Justice.

Mobile Phone Forensics

Our experts analyze and report the cell phone in question. Usage, data, metadata, hard drive storage, images and videos can be assessed and reviewed with expert reports. 

Social Media Collections

Social media evidence is a new and rapidly emerging frontier in digital forensics. The trail of digital information on social media, if explored correctly, can offer remarkable support in civil and criminal cases.

Audio Forensics

Audio Forensics evidence may come from a criminal investigation by law enforcement or as part of an official inquiry into an accident, fraud, accusation of slander, or some other civil incident. The audio Forensics process must be performed in a forensic lab that is equipped with the appropriate tools and follows best practice protocols in order to process the audio with integrity and accuracy.

DVR Examinations and Recovery

DVR’s often hold critical information that can assist you in proving your case. There are over 5,000 DVR manufacturers and we can extract videos from most.


Open Source and Paid Intelligence data so that you can work with your key executives and employees to reduce their exposure.


Is a serious crime that involves threatening to distribute private or sensitive material if you don’t provide sexual favors or a ransom. 

mobile phone password break

We can now break mobile phones (even if they have been rebooted).  This helps build alibi defenses as well as other important information. 

video camera

Video Forensics

Forensics video analysis is the scientific examination, comparison, and/or evaluation of video in legal matters. The video forensics process must be performed in a forensics lab that is equipped with the appropriate tools and follows best practice protocols in order to process the video recording with integrity and accuracy.

MEdical Records and Audit Trails

Most medical record systems have robust auditing systems and although lawyers have asked for the audit trails, they are often duped with access logs that contain no transaction level auditing entries that is readily available in all certified electronic medical record systems. 

Cellular GPS

Cellular GPS and Call Analysis

It is common that prosecutors use Call Detail Records in attempting to provide a historical look into the movements of a cell phone.

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Our eDiscovery, Computer Forensics, and Legal consultants conduct thorough and effective computer investigations of all kinds. We also offer evidence presentation and trial testimony with our litigation support experts, information assurance specialists, and project managers; all of whom have front-line, hands-on experience in all areas of digital investigations. This includes intellectual property theft, incident response, compliance auditing and responding to e-discovery requests—all while maintaining the Forensics integrity of the data.

Our customers consist of corporations and government agencies in a wide variety of industries, such as financial and insurance, technology, military, energy, and more. Garrett Discovery has performed eDiscovery and forensic work at the request of the White House, US Air Force, and Congress.