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January 24, 2023
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January 24, 2023


Audio Forensics is the practice of analyzing audio recordings to extract information and evidence. This includes identifying the type of audio file, the time and location of its creation, and determining if it has been tampered with. If you believe your file has been tampered with call Garrett Discovery experts at 888.822.5077.

In digital forensics, audio analysis is used to identify suspects and support evidence found in other formats. By examining an audio file’s properties, such as pitch, frequency, and volume, investigators can determine if it has been edited or manipulated. Additionally, they can use audio analysis to identify specific voices or sounds within a recording.

To conduct an audio analysis, an expert must first have a copy of the audio file. The file can then be opened in specialized software like Audacity, where the investigator can view information about the file, such as its length and timestamp. They can then use various tools to analyze its contents and gain insight into its origin and purpose.

Audio Forensics is a crucial tool in digital forensics that helps investigators piece together evidence from various types of media files.