Employee Placed on Leave after Abingdon-Avon School District Data Breach
May 5, 2016
Ab-Avon has Spent $13.6K on Investigator in Data Breach
May 16, 2016
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Following Executive Session, Abingdon-Avon Board Takes No Action on Data Breach Issue

ABINGDON — The Abingdon-Avon District 276 School Board emerged from Wednesday’s two-hour-and-47-minute executive session with a list of approved resignations, rehires, retained coaches, an amended budget to be approved in June, and approval to remove asbestos from four Hedding Grade School classrooms.

The seven board members and Superintendent Chad Willis offered only one comment on the fate of technology director Mark Rogers, who was placed on paid administrative leave last week following district disclosure of a breach in its computer system.

“There is an ongoing investigation,” Willis said. “I am unable to comment on the investigation.”

The investigation Willis mentioned is or was conducted by Garrett Discovery, a Decatur-based firm that conducts forensic investigations of computer systems.

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