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March 11, 2019
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August 28, 2019
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David Dooley Retrial: Computer Expert Says Victim Used Dating Websites

The defense team for David Dooley called a computer expert who said computers the victim, Michelle Mockbee, used had accessed dating websites in the months before her death.

Andrew Garrett is a computer expert who was hired by Dooley’s defense team to examine the computers.

He said he found evidence that dating websites were accessed on the home computer of Dan and Michelle Mockbee and on the computer Michelle used at work.

“On that work computer, is there evidence that she went to dating sites?” Garrett said.

“Is there evidence that she went to as recently as March 29 or 30 of 2012?” defense attorney Jeff Lawson asked.

“Yes.” Garrett replied.

“Are there numerous other popups as recently as the 25 May, 2012?” Lawson followed.

“Yes,” Garrett said.

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