Forensic Audit Turns up Big Trouble in Little Iroquois County
November 18, 2014
Health Department Investigation: Audit Finds Pornography, Misuse Of Money
November 24, 2014
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WCIA Garrett Discovery FIHD Audit

Garrett Discovery has been enlisted to make an independent audit of the Ford-Iroquois County Public Health Department computer systems. It has been found that government equipment has been misused by former employees for personal gain, such as online dating, campaigning, and viewing pornography. Of the five computers that were examined, 70 percent of the time the computers were not being used for government business. Garrett “We use highly sophisticated tools to recover this type of information and it will tell us what somebody’s done over the last, let’s say a couple years, every Facebook posting, every click of a mouse, we can try and reconstruct.” This is all evidence of employees from the Ford-Iroquois County Public Health Department misusing government funding and equipment. Up to date no charges have been filed.