Gov Quinn Refuses Legislative Audit Commission Request for E-mails
September 3, 2014
Two WAND Facebook Pages Suspended After Being Reported as Offensive
October 1, 2014
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Reis Rebuffed During NRI Search

As the ongoing investigation into Governor Pat Quinn’s Neighborhood Recovery Initiative (NRI) continues, State Rep. David Reis (R-Ste. Marie) made good on a promise to attempt a search of state email records related to the NRI scandal.

Reis, a member of the Legislative Audit Commission, visited the Department of Central Management Services (CMS) in Springfield Wednesday in an attempt to perform a search of CMS’ email systems. Reis’ visit followed his August letter to Governor Quinn asking for the Governor’s cooperation with accurately and thoroughly searching out any and all emails related to the NRI program. CMS officials met with Rep. Reis Wednesday, but denied him access to their email systems.

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