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Our experts have worked for Governments in various capacities including as testifying forensic experts. Whether you are defending civil rights claim or responding to complex discovery requests we can assist. Our staff have conducted forensics and eDiscovery at the following government entities: 

  • City of Chicago
  • Iroquois County Illinois
  • Tazewell County Illinois
  • Macon County Illinois
  • Legislative Audit Commission David Reis
  • Healthcare and Family Services
  • US Air Force
  • US Navy
  • US Coast Guard
  • US Department of Transportation
  • DeKalb County Alabama Sheriff’s Office
  • Calumet City Illinois
  • Saint Clair County Illinois
  • County Club Hills Fire Department
  • County Club Hills City Illinois
  • Kendall County Illinois
  • Houston County Alabama
  • Gainesville Florida Sheriff’s Office
  • City of Decatur Illinois
  • Sangamon County Sheriff’s Office
  • Village of Manteno Illinois


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