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Is someone threatening to post embarrassing pictures of you unless you pay them a ransom?
You may be a victim of sextortion.

What is Sextortion?

Sextortion is a disturbing internet trend, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) classifies sextortion as a form of online blackmail in which explicit images are used to extort either money, additional photos or sexual favors from victims.

Sextortion, a Newer Social Media Threat, is Difficult to Track

How Can You Identify Your "Sextortionist"?

It is likely that as an individual you do not have the skills and tools to identify him or her. Criminals generally try to hide their identities to make pursuing an arrest difficult, if not impossible. Garrett Discovery Inc. specializes in pursuing data for difficult matters, such as sextortion. Our specialists can find hidden clues in emails, text messages, chats, game rooms, social media accounts, images and videos. 

In our experience, these steps can help avoid or mitigate sextortion:

a. DO NOT share personal images that you don’t want the rest of the world to see. Jilted lovers account for a substantial number of sextortion cases. ( Paris Hilton for example )

b. DO NOT engage in suggestive conversation with a person on Social Media that you do not recognize. 

c. TURN OFF your webcam and microphone when not in use. 

If you are a victim of a sextortion scheme: 

a. DO NOT turn off your phone or computer

b. CONTACT Garrett Discovery immediately for instructions on preserving the evidence trail

c. CONTACT an experienced internet attorney

d. DO NOT pay the ransom

e. DO NOT delete emails, chats or texts

f. DO make screenshots of threats

g. INSTRUCT your attorney to contact Garrett Discovery immediately to begin the evidence quality retrieval of data and videos from your cell phone, computer or tablet 

Sextortion is an invasive form of extortion that occurs when a perpetrator threatens to release explicit images of you unless you send them a ransom – Usually money, explicit images, or even sexual favors. 

We recommend the following steps to deal with sextortion: 

a. DO NOT pay the sextortionist’s demanded ransom

b. STOP engaging with the perpetrator immediately

c. DOCUMENT all communication with the sextortionist

d. SECURE all social media profiles

e. REPORT the content to the relevant social media website 

f. REACH our to an experienced internet attorney