Computer Forensics

We at Garrett Discovery provide 24/7 full time computer forensic experts.

One of the first questions someone asks our firm when calling is, “Can we recover the data,” or “Can you prove someone did or didn’t do something?” During the initial no-cost consultation, we will discuss your case, the probability of recover or analysis, and litigation strategy.

Our experts have processed over 3,000 cases and provided expert testimony in over 500 court cases in local, state, and federal courts. Experienced forensic experts can help you decipher the content into meaningful data by providing expert reports that are both easy to understand and court friendly. We have legal experience to help you in your litigation strategy and provide you with sample pleadings that can greatly accelerate your case.



Some of the devices we process in our lab are as follows:

• Computers (Desktops to Tablets)

• Hard Drives (Single to Storage Arrays)

• Servers (File to Web)

• Mobile Phones

• POS Systems

• Kiosks

• Tablets

• USB Devices

• Tape Drives

Types of incidents/cases we provide regular services for:

• Criminal Defense

• Civil Litigation

• Intellectual Property Theft

• Computer Intrusion

• Divorce

• Asset Recovery

• Bankruptcy

• Social Media Monitoring

• Asset / Person Tracking

• Mobile Phone tracking / Location History

Common Data Types that can be analyzed:

<Click here for Common Data Types>


Our forensic experts, whether deployed as a team or individually, can be deployed to any location in the US, Europe, or Africa. We have flight ready equipment and our typical response time is less than two hours. In emergency situations, we will deploy immediately by air or land to the incident location 24 hours, 7 days a week (US/CANADA Only).

Why are we so affordable?

We do not charge for processing time that involves no interaction with the computer forensic expert and this lowers your cost by up to 70%.

We have low overhead, no debt, industry partnerships (that give us highly discounted software and hardware), and live in an area with a low cost of living.