Child Pornography


Child Pornography

Our President was once asked why we would work on cases involving child pornography. We received a simple answer of “my first case involving child pornography possession was a 70 year old man whom said he downloaded child pornography after the federal government report showed his IP address was used. I was able to not only prove that he had no child pornography on this computer, but that his neighbor was using his Wi-Fi to download child pornography. When asked why he would admit to downloading, he stated that he thought his grandchild did it and was going to take the wrap. I saved a man from spending the rest of his life in prison.”

Our work in this area is unmatched with a deep understanding of child pornography investigations. We are experts in all the tools used by law enforcement and understand their use and flaws. Some of the tools/systems used by law enforcement which we have written expert reports about are:

• Griffeye DI Analyze

• Torrential Downpour Receptor

• Roundup Ares

• Roundup eMule

• CVIP Requests


We have successful assisted clients and in almost 90% of all cases the client ended up with a better plea bargain or the case was dismissed. Recent Cases:

• US v Ames 16CR378

• US v Nieves 15CR134

• US v Jett 16B718

• Wisconsin v Verma 15CF4702

• State of Florida v Licitra 16CF2199A

• State of Illinois v Harry Underwood 08CF1110

• People v Janusz 14CF112

• People v Vazh 14CF1002

• People v Janusz 14CF0000

• People v Wheeler 14CF249

• People v JoJo Vazh 14CF1002

• People v Gallus 14CR18792

• People v Saks 16CR3396