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October 31, 2018
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March 11, 2019
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Data Protection Africa Summit- Speaker Solomon ‘Jade’ Thuo

The Data Protection Africa Summit

The protection and safeguarding of personal data is increasingly becoming a challenge in the 4th Revolution. Countries around the world are therefore calling on data controllers, users and processors of personal data to be prudent in the management, storage and use of data. More recently Africa has also witnessed an increase in this drive, with countries and industries pushing for more efficient data protection and privacy regimes.

In further advancing the course of data protection and privacy in Africa, the annual Data Protection Africa Summit (the first of its kind) is being organised by the Africa Digital Rights’ Hub (ADRH) to bring data controllers, processors, tech companies, policy makers, regulators, innovators, business communities and individuals together to discuss and proffer solutions to the emerging issues on data protection/privacy.

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