Jury Selection Services

During Jury Selection (Real Time)

At Garrett Discovery, we provide jury Panel Selection Services. We do this by scouring social media of the jurors and marrying the info with background check data. Naturally, this is done in real time in court. We provide an advantage going into voir dire by discovering issues that would lead to strikes that you would otherwise not have found. Typically, we are provided with a juror profile, which may include age, children, socio-economic status, etc. Using our sleuthing skills, we are able to provide you with a scoring for each juror. Therefore, this process allows you to gauge whether or not the juror is one you’d select.

Prior to Jury Selection

Voir dire is difficult. During jury selection, it is best to be armed with as much information as you can get about the jury. If the court has issued a list of potential jurors, we can research their backgrounds and social media.

Real Time Jury Monitoring

Real Time Monitoring of the jury’s social media activity during trial ensures that they are following the judge’s orders. Once we identify the juror’s social media accounts, we capture and report on potential issues. In this situation, we issue an hourly report of only the new posts made during the trial. This type of evidence is of interest to the court during trial.

News Monitoring

The reality is that the news often sways the jurors’ opinions. Although the jurors are instructed to not watch or read any news during a trial, the truth is they will. Often, we find jurors search for news and articles about the litigants. We offer news monitoring that will capture any news regarding the trial or your client. This data can be used in trial by providing the jurors with information that may change their hearts and minds. This information may be contrary to the news they have read.