Laboratory in Chicago, IL


Garrett Discovery has seen its origins in beautiful Chicago, Illinois. With over twenty years of expert Digital Forensic services and solutions to pre-litigation or litigation cases. As we have begun to expand our company nationwide, Garrett Discovery will forever be rooted here in Chicago. Garrett Discovery is ready to serve and assist our local clientele. Our Laboratory is state of the art and houses our technology to further ensure safety as well as protection. 

Digital Forensic Experts in Chicago, Illinois

Garrett Discovery has serviced on multiple of Illinois highest-profile digital forensic cases. As digital forensic experts, we have testified and disputed million-dollar cases. From single device evidence to company digital device audits, we can provide expert digital forensic services. Over the many years, Garrett Discovery has built an expert team of digital forensic analysts. 

Our expert digital forensic services include: 

– eDiscovery 

– Computer Forensics

– Cell Phone Forensics 

– Social Media Collections

– Audio Forensics

– DVR Examinations and Recovery

– Video Forensics 

– Tablet Forensics 

– Medical Records & Audit Trails 

– Jury Selection Services

– Cellular GPS and Call Analysis 

– Forensic Audio Transcription 

– Digital Image Authentication 

– Forensic Image Comparison 


Do you really have a Laboratory in Chicago, Illinois? 

Yes, we have experts ready to assist you with any case. 

Do you work outside of Illinois?

 Yes, we have several laboratories nationwide that support our digital forensic services. 

Is Garrett Discovery good at what they do? 

With over twenty years of experience, our diverse team provides the professionalism and tenacity to accomplish our goals in delivering the best expert digital forensic services.


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