computer forensics helped my case

1. Data Recovery

Many times data is considered long gone. However, for a forensic examiner, the data is not usually gone, but is not available without the use of specialized forensic tools. From locating deleted text messages to deleted emails, a forensic expert can help.

2. Data Theft

Courts are more than often granting orders allowing experts working for the plaintiff to enter the camp of the defendant and forensically copy computers, analyze, and report on the ESI. Computers keep track of files that have been moved on and off a computer and with the use of a computer forensic expert you will know what has been stolen.

3. Spoliation

How many times have you been told, “We did not find any relevant documents to your request song and dance,”? Experts can assist you in filing motions that can protect the producing parties privilege data and allow for unfettered access with a protective order. Computer Forensics can determine if someone has taken steps to delete data and even detect the use of anti-forensic tools which are usually poorly designed and claim to remove data from the drive.

4. Locating Hidden Assets

Analysis of hard drives can yield highly effective in finding hidden assets. In many cases we have been able to recover bank account numbers, passwords, and user id’s.

5. Violation of Order of Protection

CDR data was obtained from Google at one minute intervals and Verizon and was able to be reconstructed to show that the alleged perpetrator was nine miles away from the accuser who stated she was kidnapped by her ex-husband in a ploy to gain custody of their child.

6. Background Checks

Most forensic experts are also licensed to compile extensive background checks that include criminal history, assets, phones, and social profiles.

7. Intrusion Detection

Computer forensics can answer the question of how someone broke through the security and obtained data and, in many cases, can tell you who.

8. Indexing Large Volumes of Data

The average user 20 years ago is much different than now. With Terabytes of information and large email boxes, it is almost impossible to review the data without the aid of sophisticated tools. Computer forensic experts can prepare the data in what is known as a “review platform”. This allows you to search for ESI relevant to your case without having to call the eDiscovery team in each time you want to search a new keyword.