Social Media Investigations

Social Media Discovery and Web Collection


Social media, webmail, website data, and YouTube video are very common sources of evidence in criminal and civil litigation and must be routinely addressed in discovery.

Garrett Discovery forensic experts can collect social media content from the leading social media networking sites. In addition, we have software that can crawl, capture, and instantly search content from websites, webmail, and YouTube. Unlike archiving and image capturing solutions, we provide a case-centric workflow from search and collection through production in searchable native format, while preserving critical metadata not possible through image capture, printouts, or raw data archival of RSS feeds.


Proactive Monitoring

We can proactive monitoring social media sites and setup alerts that will notify the subscriber of our service when a certain keyword or a picture with a specific GPS location was posted.



We can archive an entire social media subscribers site (including posts that are no longer viewable by the general public). In many cases, a prior post or tweet has been removed from general public view. Our tools use the publically accessible API that allows for the search and retrieval of all information since the birth of the account that was formerly posted publically.



MD5 hash values of individual items are calculated upon capture and maintained through export. Automated logging and reports are generated. Key metadata unique to social media & web streams are captured through deep integration with APIs provided by the publishers. This metadata is important to establishing chain of custody and also provides key evidence relevant to the substantive case as well as authentication.

Web Data Collections from the following sources

• Facebook

• Twitter

• Instagram

• YouTube

• Tumblr

• Web pages & websites

• Gmail

• YahooMail


• AOL Mail

•Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP)

Types of Investigations where social media and web data are used

• Divorce

• Workman’s Compensation disputes

• Slander/Libel

• Surveillance

• Criminal Defense

• Criminal Prosecution