Murder Investigation


Murder Investigation

We have worked on multiple murder cases analyzing computers, cell phones, call data records and cell site information. We have in the past proven that data used by the prosecution was not accurate or blatantly false. This has caused experts being used by the prosecution to stand down and not testify. We work in the world of science and if the data is not accurate our reports will accurately reflect the correct data without any guess work. For instance, in a recent case we were able to prove that the data tendered by the prosecution involving cell sites and location history of a cellular phone was falsified. There was a huge disconnect in what we believe was the cellular company not wanting to disclose true coverage maps (sector maps) to avoid having future lawsuits for false advertising. Their coverage maps filed with the FCC didn’t match the sector maps, the engineering data submitted to the Federal Prosecutor didn’t match either and therefore the coverage maps created by the Prosecution’s experts was grossly inaccurate.

Whether it is proving that the one web search for a hotel that resulted in the bates hotel wasn’t used to research how to murder someone to working with lawyers to ensure all data is accurate we can help. Our goal is never go get someone off that is guilty and anyone that has that view cannot possibly understand what forensics can do. We simply provide clarity into data that is highly complex and present it in a digestible and simple manner so that everyone and the jury can understand. If during that process, we find that some data was interpreted incorrectly we point that out with detail.

Some of the notable murder cases we have worked on are:

• People v Christopher Vaughn

• People v Amy Van Wagner

• Carlock v Sangamon Co Sheriff (Alleged)

• Davis v City of Chicago (Alleged)

• Horton v City of Chicago (Alleged)