Mobile Forensics

If you have a mobile phone that needs analyzed, our experts can help!Group of tablet computer PC and modern touchscreen smartphones or mobile phones with colorful display screen interfaces with icons and buttons isolated on white background

We can extract of deleted and present data such as:

• Text Messages

• Pictures including EXIF data (GPS Location of where photo was taken)

• Call Logs

• Video Files

• Internet History

• Stored Applications

• Backup Files

• Internet Chat Programs

• Cloud Storage

• Documents

• Email

• P2P Data

• Social Networking

Tools Used:












We use the same tools and methods as Homeland Security, ICE, DOD, and law enforcement that can analyze the top 6514 cell phones on the market. By using the Cellebrite UFED Ultimate, we can gain access to deleted data and create a forensic copy of the phone in short order.

During the initial no-cost consultation we will discuss your case, the probability of recover or analysis, and litigation strategy.