If your company has been sued in Federal Court or if you are an attorney looking for seasoned eDiscovery experts, Garrett Discovery can help.

The eDiscovery industry was birthed out of the changes in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. There are two types of vendors:

1. Software companies – Goal is to sell you a long term strategy that may or may not comply with all of your needs

2. Service Providers – A hodgepodge of providers from small, single man shops whom often work out of scope to large software company divisions

Since this is a new industry, the software companies focused on the biggest fish they could and the average installation for a medium size company (50-250 employees) is $250,000 and for large companies (251 -5000 employees) the average cost is 1-4 million dollars. If you aren’t looking to install a permanent solution or don’t have staff to run a complex eDiscovery system, you will need to hire a service provider.


Keep in mind that service providers have already paid the large cost to purchase and train their staff as if they were a medium size company and that only a few service providers in the US can handle cases where you are required to collect evidence worldwide or from thousands of nodes.


You will often read a service provider’s site claiming that eDiscovery is simple. It is simple if you aren’t doing it correctly. eDiscovery services are not simple and it takes a seasoned professional that has:

a. Legal background

b. Technology background

c. Experience in small to large collections

d. Proper tools


The problem with eDiscovery is the rising costs. The reason most companies turn to in house technologists is because the industry isn’t supportive of small or medium engagements, therefore it is cost prohibitive for service providers to work in the space of large engagements (search of 500+ computers). In large engagements it makes more sense to install and build your own eDiscovery practice in house with the assistance of a service provider so that when you are involved in another large litigation request compliance cost is greatly reduced.