Criminal Defense: Murder


Criminal Defense: Murder

Whether you need to background check a witness or have a hard drive forensically analyzed we are here to help. Some types of cases and data are listed below.

Location Data:
GPS logs from Google and the Mobile Network Operator (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile etc) proving location of both law enforcement and the alleged victim/accused. Often referred to as Call Detail Records and SCAMP data. We have sophisticated tools that can plot and coordinate location based data.

Analysis of Cell Phones and Computers and many other digital devices.

Sex Crimes:
These types of cases cannot be handled by most forensic analysts. To process these types of cases you must use specialized equipment that is designed to be sanitized after use on site. We have the tools include portable Digital Intelligence FREDDIE’s with Encase, Axiom, IEF and many other tools. We have extensive experience in these types of cases and know the protocols to follow when analyzing and reporting on these types of cases. Almost weekly we are visiting a FBI Forensics Lab to analyze data taken into custody as part of the defense team. We also have a large library of sample motions, pleading and standard operating procedures from most law enforcement agencies.

White Collar:
We have experience in working on white collar defense cases including Medicare / Medicaid Fraud, Computer Fraud and Abuse Act and IP Theft cases.

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