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Garrett Discovery

A part of our customer delivery process is our free consultation, which is dedicated to finding out details of your case or incident and further discussing a strategy. For those clients who have immediate needs, we deploy one or more of our staff members to investigate, preserve, collect and/or recover data.
We have many tools that can be an extension of your litigation or incident response tool bag.

We have designed a set of affordable services that can assist you. Whether you are collecting ESI from one or many computers, assessing what data was stolen by a rogue employee, or monitoring social media pages to avoid workers compensation scams, we are here to help.

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Executive leadership

Andy Garrett
Where do I start? Almost a decade ago I embarked on a journey to learn computer forensics. At that time I had worked in the US Navy attached to various commands such as Naval Research Lab at NASA and Space and Warfare as a Penetration Tester. I soon cracked a few books open and wanted to learn so much more about forensics. Years later I found myself as the principal of the largest eDiscovery installation in the world (until 2014) and had processed over 1,000 cases and testified in over 145. Now I provide services around the globe and love to help others in complex litigation.
Greg McKoy
VP Cybersecurity
I spent over a decade protecting the nation’s secrets and testing others systems at Space and Warfare while working for Honeywell. I have worked for many of the alphabet agencies doing the secret work of the nation. I have spent a lot of time teaching others penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. Went to college, got the degree, got the security clearance, bought a bunch of fancy certifications and now am using my vast knowledge to help others protect themselves. I love being able to figure out what happened on a network or post intrusion.
Doug Bedford
VP Video and Photography Forensic Services
I have over 22 years of photographic and video expertise both in military service and civilian sector, supporting clients ranging from the Department of Defense (DoD), Virgin Records and corporations nationwide. My skill sets include interactive trial preparation, 3D animation including modeling/crime scene building and reenactments, image analysis, video production and public relations. I am a part time Digital Forensics Academy contributor and serve full-time as a Creative Director equivalent in the United States Navy.
Danielle Garrett
My background is in managing technology, people’s money and investments as I came from the Financial Sector. I put together a team of experts from around the globe to address the ever expanding need of Computer Forensics and eDiscovery. My vision was to create a team of professionals that were both affordable for small cases and qualified to handle complex and large litigation. It took over six years to complete my vision and now we have the capability, staff and experience to handle almost any situation and prevail under budget. Coffee is my friend!